About Us

Dent Hospital, a professional dental hospital, is located in Ankara – Kızılay. Dent Hospital offers caries, gum diseases, teeth whitening, implantation, rotez, oral and maxillofacial surgery, braces and many other oral, dental and maxillofacial diseases with the professional team and sterilized materials.
One of Turkey’s largest private dental clinic Dent Hospital before everything considering your health. It offers you the most advanced technologies of the world and saves you time.

Our Mission

Following the scientific and technological developments, focusing on patient satisfaction, respecting the rights of employees, aiming to make life beautiful by paying attention to human life more than anything, following the changes in all areas of medicine, seeing the needs of Oral and Dental Health sector and realistic policies in line with these needs to be the health institution that targets growth.

Our Vision

To be the pioneer health facility providing the first address and oral and dental health services in the light of the scientific studies and developments related to the ethical values, preferred by the people, with the reliable, high quality and transparent service concept in oral and dental health.

We Care

We are a hospital with honesty, quality service, lasting trust, interest and smiling face, tolerance, innovative, ethical rules, respect for society, environment, patients and relatives and adopting corporate values ​​as sharing.

Our Corporate Policy

  • To establish the corporate culture with the principle of continuous improvement with the understanding of communication and sharing open to management.
  • To ensure the safety of our employees, to support them with the awareness that they are valuable.
  • To ensure that our patients have oral and dental health in parallel with technological innovations and scientific developments.
  • To place quality awareness on the expectations and satisfaction of patients and to provide the necessary standards for this purpose.
  • To provide continuity of renewal of physical environment and to provide a spacious and reliable environment for our patients and employees.

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